What is Easy Order Sightseeing Tour?

The tour starts and finishes at the hotel you are staying (Tokyo 15 wards) or Narita Airport! All you have to do is to choose Duration, Number of passengers and Desired sightseeing spots. Private and customized sightseeing plan can be ordered through website! English speaking driver or guide fee, toll, parking and admissions are included!

Recommended to those who…

  • 1. prefer to be picked up at your staying hotel rather than going to the other meeting point.
  • 2. arrive at Narita Airport too early before hotel check-in time. Can we go somewhere before arriving hotel?
  • 3. would like to go sightseeing after checking out before flight departure time.
  • 4. wish to do short sightseeing during lay-over at Narita Airport.

How it works

1.Choose Starting Point

  • Hotels in Tokyo 15 wards
  • Narita Airport

2.Choose Sightseeing Area

  • Tokyo
  • Yokohama
  • Kamakura
  • Yokohama+Kamakura
  • Hakone
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Hakone+Mt.Fuji
  • Chiba

3.Choose Duration

Required time for each spots are suggested.

4.Choose number of passengers

  • Reservation can be made from two passengers per vehicle.
  • Up to eight passengers per vehicle.

5.Choose sightseeing spots displayed on the website.See all sightseeing spots

  • Choose from recommended spots listing! Easy!
  • Number of sightseeing spots is automatically adjusted depends on duration.
  • GREEN TOMATO's recommended plan is available if you have no idea.

6.Optional lunch arrangement is available.

Choose from Japanese, Western or Chinese.

7.Your sightseeing plan is completed!


persons person(s)
  • Veichle
  • Toll
  • Parking fee
  • Admissions
  • Tour escort

All the above cost included!

Total Expense ¥ 71,000

(per person ¥ 35,500)

*** There may be cases that we cannot take all of requested sites in consideration of distance.

*** Easy-order-tour system automatically sets possible sightseeing time and number of places to visit.

  • 1. If you start from Airport: easy-order-tour will be set to start 30 min. after flight arrival time.
  • 2. If you finish at Airport : easy-order-tour will be set to finish at 2 hours before flight departure time.